5 Good looking Hindi Unicode fonts. Free Download Latest Stylish fonts.

After adding remington and inscripts fonts this is the second list of Unicode fonts in Devanagari fonts. Previously I published a list of 10 less used Hindi Unicode fonts. Now in this time period we have got some fantastic collection of fresh Hindi Unicode font. Some of them may be familiar to you as they are used in social media, memes and most of thumbnails of Hindi youtube videos.

As I already said in my previous posts that in last few decades digital world of devanagari had limited options in fonts. Mangal font was top on that list, but after windows 8 and newer versions we saw improvements. Now in last few years Unicode fonts had a boost mostly because of the growing Hindi audience and vast possibilities.

These days there is quality content is available on youtube in Hindi. Most of them use good Hindi fonts for their texts in videos. Baloo is one of them. So if you are searching some different and fresh Hindi texts for your digital work then your search is over with this station. These are the five best Hindi Unicode fonts for heading and bold letters till today.

If you have not checked the previous Unicode font list list yet, you can find some gorgeous fonts there also. Got to part I.

5 Stylish Hindi Unicode fonts

5. Modak

Font name : Modak, Family name :Modak, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 267 KB. Download Modak Unicode font

4. Ek Mukta


Font name : Ek Mukta, Family name : Ek Mukta, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 1290 KB. Download Ek Mukta Unicode font

3. Jain Hindi


Font name : Jain Hindi, Family name : Jain Hindi, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 291 KB. Download Jain Hindi Unicode font

2. Baloo


Font name : Baloo, Family name : Baloo, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 221 KB. Download Baloo Unicode font 

1. Gotu


Font name : Gotu, Family name : Gotu, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 104 KB. Download Gotu Unicode font

Find some gorgeous fonts here also. Got to part I.
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