10 Good looking Hindi Unicode fonts.

Many Hindi and Devanagari text websites generally have a message in corner saying that
"If you are unable to view text in Hindi or Devanagari then download Hindi Unicode font from here."
Devanagari Unicode fonts are essential to view Hindi text contents on websites. Although all latest operating systems comes with Unicode already installed in it. We use it as mangal font for Hindi or Devanagari fonts. Mangal font is not the only way to see our Hindi text data. There are more Unicode fonts that can be used as alternative of mangal font. By default normally we get our Hindi texts in notepad in mangal font. We can give a new look to Hindi texts by installing new Hindi Unicode fonts. Unicode fonts have much more glyphs in comparison of other common fonts we use.

Whenever we open some Hindi websites like newspaper or other books websites we notice that the same Hindi font is used for all of them,  a same common pattern for those. But sometimes a few websites use new different and beautiful Unicode fonts for their texts breaking that pattern.

I've collected some different Devanagari Unicode fonts in an order. Some of these are preinstalled in Windows 8, 7 and xp. But still some fonts like Surekh are also very useful while using as a Unicode font. Each font is given with its donwload link.

Update: New list is also available here Go to part II

Countdown of Devanagari Unicode fonts:

10) Mangal Unicode font

Mangal Unicode Font

Font name : Mangal, Family name : Mangal, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 338 KB. Download Mangal Unicode font

9) Akshar Unicode font

Akshar Unicode font

Font name : Akshar, Family name : Akshar, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 212 KB. Download Akshar Unicode font

8) Sanskrit 2003 Unicode font

Sanskrit Unicode font

Font name : Sanskrit 2003, Family name : Sanskrit 2003, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 397 KB. Download Sanskrit 2003 Unicode font

7) Arial Unicode MS font

Arial Unicode MS font preview

Font name : Arial Unicode MS, Family name : Arial Unicode MS, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 497 KB. Arial Unicode MS font comes with all latest Microsoft operating systems.

6) Kokila Unicode font

Kokila Unicode font

Font name : Kokila, Family name : Kokila, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 497 KB. Download Kokila Unicode font

5) Utsaah Unicode font

Utsaah Unicode font

Font name : Utsaah, Family name : Utsaah, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 488 KB. Download Utsaah Unicode font

4) SHREE-DV0726-OT Unicode font

SHREE-DV0726-OT Unicode font

Font name : SHREE-DV0726-OT, Family name : SHREE-DV0726-OT, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 37 KB. Download SHREE-DV0726-OT Unicode font

3) Aparajita Unicode font

Aparajit Unicode font

Font name : Aparajita, Family name : Aparajita, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 499 KB. Download Aparajita Unicode font

2) Gurumaa 2.04 Unicode font

Gurumaa Unicode font

Font name : Gurumaa 2.0, Family name : Gurumaa 2.0, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 143 KB. Download Gurumaa 2.04 Unicode font

1) CDAC-GISTSurekh Unicode font

CDAC-GISTSurekh Unicode font

Font name : CDAC-GISTSurekh, Family name : CDAC-GISTSurekh, Sub family name : Regular, .ttf font file size : 93 KB. Download CDAC-GISTSurekh Unicode font

Check out the latest updated fonts here Go to part II
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8 March 2016 at 21:39 ×

hi you can also add nithyananda font too to the list

it is basically chanakya in unicode

6 May 2018 at 13:54 ×

Which is the best Body text Hindi font, ASCII as well as Unicode. Which iis used most in publishing industry to typeset books..
Thanking in anticipation


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