Sanskrit and Vedic fonts: must have fonts for writing in Sanskrit and shloka.

Snaskrit written kurtaTo enable Sanskrit display for your computer click here.

Sanskrit words have little more matras placements and extra half letters than usual Devanagari Hindi fonts have. When we read shlokas in Sanskrit we notice that if we want to write the same shloka with our usual Devanagari or Hindi fonts it will be a challenging work for us. The same condition will stand when we use Unicode font or even harder I can say. So next question arise that, Is there any way to write shloka without errors in our system?

Solution is using Sanskrit fonts instead traditional Devanagari fonts. Yes we can write our sentences in Sanskrit. All we need to do is that we have proper Sanskrit fonts installed in our system. Mangal or Unicode font is little uncomfortable with Brahmi script.

Generally we used INscript or Remington Keyboard layout for Devanagari fonts till now. But when typing with these fonts we need different layout rather than Kruti Dev, DevLys or Mangal font. This is the common problem for Devanagari users that Keyboard Layouts changes with each and every font series.

Problem with Unicode font while writing Shloka:

As we discussed earlier that Shloka have extra half letters and little more matra than our tradition Hindi fonts. But Hindi Unicode font is designed with keeping in mind the Devanagari script, So we may face little difficulties while typing like missing half letter or position of half letter for particular Hindi alphabet.
The following picture of a shloka written with mangal font say the all story in itself-

Mangal font in Sanskrit

Here the placement of matras and half letters turns it in a wrong one, while missing half letters makes the sentences unnecessarily larger and uncomfortable to read.

Using Kruti Dev Fonts:

This option is much better than mangal font but still not one hundred fit for our purpose. For some of simple and common shloka we can use Kruti Dev fonts. But as we turn to Vedic Shloka we face the same problem for this font.

Sanskrit shloka

Sanskrit and Vedic Complaint fonts:

With all assessment these all are the fully loaded packages for Sanskrit writers. While using these fonts there will be no matras or half letter error.

Old sanskrit fonts

Use these fonts for Sanskrit and Vedic related printing work.


Download Sanskrit font package (6 fonts)
Download Vedic font package (4 fonts)

Visit official site here.
To enable Sanskrit display for your computer click here

Keyboard Layout:

Keyboard layout save time in typing for beginners and learner.
Keyboard layout for Sanskrit font SD-TTSurekh

Download Layout
 Download full size Layout (High quality)
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