First offline Hindi to English dictionary freeware. years earlier it was a challenge to develop a software which translate all Hindi words to English perfectly without any internet connection. English to Hindi dictionary is easy available for PC and mobile gadgets, but there are some online Hindi to English dictionaries available that can not work without working internet connection.

Due to typing and Keyboard Layout problems Hindi to English dictionary is really not too easy. So people who need a Hindi to English dictionary (Shabdakosh) must have to go online on every word translation each time, still sometimes they are unable to acheive their target.
Sheel Hindi to English dictionary is first offline Hindi to English PC bilingual dictionary with great performance created Sheelnidhi Gupta. It works almost on all windows platform based operating systems. This award winning application works even in offline mode.
This kind of software is really helpful for Hindi users on computer. Sometimes they want to put data in English but don't know what keyword to put their. For such conditions this took is great. User have to simply put word in hindi and he'll get a quick translation in English.

Sheel hindi to english dictionary is a user friendly application with features like spell check, learning new words and many more. This bilingual dictionary is lightweight and fast freeware just of 8.8 MB.

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25 June 2015 at 16:06 ×

Good Information by the way

Kitkat Words is one of the best Free online dictionaries English to Hindi. learn new words Hindi and English online, play games that improve your vocabulary, and find easy-to-understand definitions in our super-fast dictionary.

27 June 2015 at 20:13 ×

This article is about one of few "Hindi to English" dictionaries.


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