Keyboard layout images including 8 Indian languages.

Many times we see printed keyboard Layouts in cyber cafe. These keyboard photos are used to find the position of  letters of that particular language printed on paper comparing to a QWERTY keyboard there.

Keyboard layout is very useful for beginner typists. It really helps specially when you are typing in your regional or any other local Indian language. User will not waste time in try and error. So when you need to type a specific letter in that particular language just find the correct key in layout image and press the correct key. Ultimately this whole process saves a lot of time when you are type long paragraphs. It also helps you memorise the whole Layout.

Types of Layouts:

Generally we find three type of layouts for Devanagari Hindi fonts:
1) INscript Layout (Unicode font)
2) Traditional Remington Layout (all Kruti Dev, all DevLys fonts)
3) Phonetic Layout (Like arti font)

INscript is made of Indian Script is a layout used for Hindi Unicode fonts like Mangal. If you work mostly online and see Hindi fonts the possible they are Unicode and support this layout.

Remington Layout can be said the traditional setting of keys for typewriter for Devanagari script. Most of Hindi fonts works on this Layout only. Biggest font series like Kruti Dev and DevLys uses the same layout.

Phonetic layout can be said the most easiest way of typing by a beginner. Because the letter on the keyboard Latin and Devanagari are similar by phonetically. So there is no need memorise the layout of such kind separately.

Indian Inscript layout Images

The whole collection of layout images of  8 Indian languages (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu) is available here for free download.
Download Images>> (Available in different different language)
1) Just click on the Images and wait for full image.
2) Right click on the image choose 'save as'.
3) Store image at desired place in your system.

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