Arvinder Hindi, Punjabi and Rupee sign free font.

1) Arvinder Punjabi.ttf (a stylish Punjabi font)
2) Arvinder pseb (Punjab school education board font)
3) Arvinder.ttf (a Hindi font)
4) Arvinder Typewriter.ttf (a typewriter style Punjabi font)
5) English with Indian rupee.ttf (a standard english font with new rupee sign in it)

Total five fonts are available to download in arvinder series. All fonts are by and reserved by Arvind Patiyala. Except arvinder pseb all fonts are allowed for commercial use. Arvind pseb font is allowed for personal use only.

        Punjabi language is spoken in north Indian states Punjab, most part of Delhi, some part of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and two districts of Rajasthan. So it's a widely spoken language in not only India but in many other countries also. Arvinder font have three Punjabi fonts Punjabi, pseb and typewriter. One Hindi font Arvinder.ttf and latest one is English font with rupee sign.

1) Arvinder Punjabi font
        A stylish font for Punjabi language.
Keyboard layout

2) Arvinder pseb Punjabi font
        Punjab school education board font
Keyboard layout
 Download font                                                                                       Download Layout Full size image

3) Arvinder Hindi font
        A standard Hindi font.
Keyboard layout
 Download font                                                                                       Download Layout Full size image

4) Arvinder Typewriter Punjabi font
        A typewriter style Punjabi font.
 Keyboard layout
 Download font                                                                                       Download Layout Full size image

5) Arvinder Rupee sign font
         A whole english font with new rupee sign font in it. Useful for daily english typists who normally face the problem of typing rupee sign font. It's easy to type rupee sign with this font, you need press no extra buttons for rupee sign print.


 Download font

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22 March 2018 at 15:00 ×

Using arvinder hindi font, i am facing this issue (as i cannot use arvinder font here so I had copied and paste using google english->hindi)
When I am writing (बाल), {try this yourself also}
Then बfl arrive so I have to write like this बा ल

I am facing this issue in corel draw 2017 software only.
ANy solution suggest please. Thank you


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