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CV Devanagari fonts
Like Kruti Dev and DevLys fonts One more beautiful font series is available for Devanagari font users. Some of these fonts are already discussed in past posts like CV Ganesh font used in logo. These are CV series fonts, some creative and bold fonts in this series makes it more attractive.

These fonts are mostly used in Nepal. A different keyboard layout is used for CV series fonts. People who are familiar with baishali font can easily use these font because these fonts share the same layout. Other who uses remington gail layout fonts like Kruti dev and DevLys will face little problem while using these fonts. So there some links of comparable remington and phonetic fonts provided after particular CV font. Not every font is available in each layout.

So all over for CV layout users this post contains a collection of CV series fonts. Fonts like aakriti anuradha, bihani, bipana, gadah, ganesh, kunjbt, maya, nepali fancy, rabinbold, sadhana, shrinagar are available with preview and download link.

If any font is available in more than one layout in my collection then links of other font is given with font name in that layout. For example CV Shrinagar, this font is Kruti dev 500 in remington layout and Aarti in phonetic layout.

For keyboard layout images of see this page. For all Ananda and CV fonts same layout is used. Click on the pictures to see full image.

CV Series Fonts:

CV Aakriti Devanagari Font:

CV Aakriti

File name: CV, Size: 21.3 KB

CV Anuradha Devanagari Font:

CV Anuradha
File name: CV, Size: 27.64 KB

CV Bihani Devanagari Font:

CV Bihani

This font is also available in-
Remington layout: Download Kruti Dev 170

File name: CV, Size: 30.1 KB

CV Bipana Devanagari Font:

CV Bipana

File name: CV, Size: 34.6 KB

CV Gadah Devanagari Font:

CV Gadah

File name: CV, Size: 25.7 KB

CV Ganesh Devanagari Font:

CV Ganesh

File name: CV, Size: 21.3 KB

CV KunjBt Devanagari Font:

CV KunjBt

This font is also available in-
Remington layout: Download Kruti Dev180

File name: CV, Size: 35.6 KB

CV Maya Devanagari Font:

CV Maya

File name: CV, Size: 21.8 KB

CV Nepali Fancy Devanagari Font:

CV Nepali Fancy

File name: CV Nepali, Size: 24.3 KB

CV Rabinbold Devanagari Font:

CV Rabinbold

File name: CV, Size: 20.3 KB

CV Sadhana Devanagari Font:

CV Sadhana

File name: CV, Size: 29.3 KB

CV Shrinagar Devanagari Font:

CV Shrinagar

This font is also available in-
Remington Layout: Download Kruti Dev 500
Phonetic Layout: Download Aarti and Marathi Vakra

File name: CV, Size: 33.4 KB

Other fonts which are encoded in same layout are:
Aakar, aalekh, chandrodaya, akkal, annapurna.
These fonts can be downloaded from here.
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sir koi aisa tool hai jis se cv ganesh font Remington layout se chlya ja sake

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Sir font dawanload kyu nhi hota

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kya ye font free to use hai? can i use these fonts in images of my blog? any copyright issue?
please reply me..

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sir is font me ळ word kyo nahi hai

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how to ळ typo word in this font


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