HindiWriter: Type Hindi as you speak.

Typing first time in hindi? It's not easy to find correct hindi key strokes on a QWERTY keyboard to type. This is a common problem for hindi users.
What if we press
a for अ
b for ब
c for च
d for द or ड and all that.
Solution is HindiWriter software. It's a light weight freeware for window platform and can be use in any typing box. You have to Just install HindiWriter and active toggle translator at desired typing text place.
And when you need to switch your previous language again you have to just toggle translator.

Working of HindiWriter
It works on the same principle we are talking about. That is  a for अ b for ब c for च d for द or ड.
As you can see it in following picture.I just want to write fonthindi.blogspot in hindi, Yes in hindi its not too simple to write a url. I just tyeped blogaspoT for blogspot rather than any random hard word.
Prediction words in HindiWriter
Prediction words are also automatically generated by Hindiwriter to save your time. As you can see how it generated in this picture.
when you start typing it automatically generate prediction words and manualy you can select your desired word from this list.

It's a freeware from www.hindiwriter.org
Download Hinid writer

free Download HindiWriter size 1.13 MB
If you  are missing Unicode font. Download Akshar Unicode.
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