Unicode: Official Hindi Fonts used in Central Government offices.

For Government's official purposes: Unicode
For Centre and States exams: Kruti Dev, DevLys 010, Mangal
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Most often it has been observed that the use of proprietary fonts of different standards in Central Government Offices, which are not compatible with each other is causing serious problems in information exchange amongst these offices, In order to facilitate free exchange of information/ files/documents. Department of Information Technology, Government of India has accepted Unicode encoding for fonts as Indian standard in this regard.
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Downlaod 10 most beautiful Unicode fonts here
By using Unicode compliant Fonts for Hindi, the problem relating to the exchange of Hindi documents/files is completely solved, besides getting additional advantages like search facility. For security reasons, computers in Government having Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems are being phased out from use. Majority of the offices are now using Windows 2000 operating system or later versions which are fully capable of working in Hindi by using any Unicode compliant font. Therefore, without installing any additional software these computers can be straightway used for working in any Unicode compliant Hindi fonts for ensuring inter compatibility of the fonts. Although the INSCRIPT key board is recognized as the standard key board, the users can use other key boards, namely, Remington & Phonetic also as per their convenience. The Department of Information Technology, has made available 160 Unicode complaint fonts on its website along with other Hindi software tools, which can be downloaded for use free of cost.
These software tools are also available on CDs, which can be procured free of cost from the Department of Information Technology. The use of unicode font was ordered by Joint Secretary P.V. Valsala G. Kutty, Technical cell of  Department of Official Language (Ministry of Home Affairs) on 12 March 2008.

Free Download Unicode size 248 KB (If link is broken try another links available below)

What is Unicode Font:

Unicode is a 16-bit encoding standard that allows all characters of every major language in the world to be represented. Unicode is platform independent, meaning if you typed something in Windows, it would appear the same way on a Macintosh machine. Most modern systems have built-in unicode support and often require nothing more than a unicode compliant font for any particular language.
If you can see the following sentence, then your computer should have no problems viewing this site:
हिन्दी भारत की राष्ट्रभाषा है | (Hindi bhaarat kii raashtrabhaashaa hai .)
If you cannot view the sentence above, try chaning the font encoding to "UTF-8" in your browser. Most users should find this option by going to View > Encoding.
If you still are not able to view the sentence above, please try following the suggestions for your particular operating system.
Windows Macintosh
  • Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP/Vista/Window 7 /windows 8
    - Unicode support is built in and you should have no problems.
  • If you are still not able to view the site, please follow the following steps:
Enabling support for Indian languages (Indic) on your computer
Windows XP
Windows XP has inbuilt Indian languages features. If you enable these features, you will be able to view the Hindi pages much better. You must have at least 10 MB of free hard disk space and the Installation Disk of Windows ready, before starting. Please close any open programs.
1. Go to Control Panel (from the "Start" button)
2. Go to Regional and Language Options
3. Click the "Languages" tab
4. Check (click) the line marked "Install files for complex scripts and right to left languages (including Thai)"
When you check this line, a new window will appear, which will give a list of languages that will be installed. This list will include 'Indic'. It will 'warn' you that you need at least 10 MB of hard disk space. Click OK to close this window. Then click OK on the Regional and Languages Options window. You will be asked to restart your computer.
You should be able to view the Hindi text on this site now.
Windows 2000
Enable support for Indian languages on your computer. Windows 2000 has inbuilt Indian languages features. If you enable these features, you will be able to view the Hindi pages much better.
1. Go to Settings (Start Button)
2. Go to Control Panel
3. Go to Regional Options
4. In "Language settings for the system" (in the first "General" tab), select Indic.
5. Click Ok
You should be able to view the Hindi text on this site now.
- You can download the following font just incase, download to your Windows/Fonts folder: Mangal
  • Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows Me
    - Download and install the following font, download to your Windows/Fonts folder: Mangal
    - Win Me should work now, but for Win98/95, you must also download the Takhti editor, unzip it, run it and close it. It should auto detect the correct files needed to display the unicode font. If not, please see the additional instructions on the Takhti site.
    - Rebooting the computer is advised, but not required. Refreshing the webpage in the browser should be enough.
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Alok Lahad
16 June 2017 at 22:30 ×

I checked the The Department of Information Technology, website but there was no where where I could find the 160 Unicode complaint fonts. Can you please post the link or tell me where to download them from. I am interested only in Unicode Hindi fonts.


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