1. All Fonts
  2. All DevLys fonts (150+ fonts)
  3. All Kruti Dev fonts (40+ new fonts)
  4. All CV series fonts
  5. All Ananda fonts 
  6. Sanskrit fonts
  7. Top unicode fonts
  8. Phonetic fonts
  9. Font used in popular companies Logo  (English)
  10. Download English fonts that look like Hindi
  11. Most downloaded fonts
  12. Professional fonts
  13. Fonts that suits best in Headings 
  14. Strong and Bold fonts
  15. Minimal Clean and Thin fonts
  16. Handwriting style fonts
  17. Decorative and Stylish fonts Part(I) Part(II)
  18. Creative Calligraphic fonts 
  19. Rupee symbol font
  20. Ganpati symbols fonts
  21. Wedding symbols fonts
  22. Border designing fonts 
  23. Dotted Hindi font
  24. Scary font
  25. Outlined font
  26. Punjabi fonts (Gurumukhi Script)
  27. Hindi Newspaper Logo fonts 1) Dainik Bhaskar 2) Patrika
  28. Hindi Newspaper Fonts must have font for online newspaper readers
  29. Download free Color fonts
  30. Download free fonts for Linux
  31. Download essential Hindi unicode font (Akshar) must have to view Hindi websites
  32. Android Hindi fonts
  33. Logo fonts
  34. My Fonts


  1. Hindi Writer Software
  2. Sheel's Hindi to English offline Dictionary
  3. Hindi version of Inkscape, gnucash
  4. PramukhIME (Input Method Editor) Software

Extra Tools

  1. Online unicode font converter
  2. Create pdf file in Hindi
  3. Enable Devanagari input in Windows 
  4. Code for Hindi Text Input Box Areas for Sites and Blogs
  5. Code for Pageview Counter in Hindi numbers
  6. Code for typing typical ancient Hindi numbers and Symbols
  7. Set Devanagari fonts as default font in your browser


Keyboard Layout Images for-
  1. (Remington Gail layout) Kruti Dev and DevLys fonts
  2. (Nepali Layout) CV and Ananda fonts
  3. (Marathi Layout) Shusha and Shivaji
  4. (Phonetic Layout) Aarti
  5. (Sanskrit Layout) SD-TTSurekh
  6. (Punjabi Layout) Arvinder Punjabi font
  7. (Inscript Layouts) for Unicode for-
  • Hindi language
  • Bangla language
  • Telugu language
  • Gujarati language
  • Tamil language
  • Malayalam language
  • Kannada language
  • Punjabi language
  • Oriya language
Instructions for downloading inscript images:
1) Just click on the inscript images and wait for appearing full image.
2) Right click on the image choose 'save as' in appeared menu.
3) Store image at desired place in your system.


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please be share Urdu fonts too.

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Sure, consider in my next posts.

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Sure, I'll consider in my next posts.


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