My favourite hindi fonts. 32 All time best fonts. a collection of 1200 hindi fonts I took all those fonts I like the most. These are evergreen Devanagari fonts and we can use these in any of our documents happily, because they never seem outdated. Each of these font I think are designed with hard work. So best work gives best result. Many people and organisation like C-Dac or any other who hard worked such various and energetic fonts.

In our daily life we see many texts but some remain in our mind for long time and some for a while. For example several company logos and they remain fresh in our memory. It all because of the very fine design of texts in that particular logo, and it maintain the beauty for long time.
This fonts can be used specially for heading or highlighting some sentence. Using bold style for heading is always a good choice. We can create banners and other creative work through these fonts giving a complete new look to our project. When a different font used in a mass of texts it always catch the attention of reader instantly. So such kind of fonts should kept in our fonts collection for regular used in our projects or presentations. Although Kruti Dev and DevLys fonts series have some of the best fonts but most people are not aware of it, Because generally people have to face Unicode font or not more than Kruti Dev 010 or DevLys 010 (Used for official uses). So I collected some of the best fonts and kept them in ascending order. Choose your font and install it in your system.
In this collection I sorted about font among 1200 fonts. All these fonts create good effect when used and looks really nice.
Happy Hindi typing.

My favourite hindi fonts:

32) Akshar Hindi Font
  31) Amma Hindi Font

 30) Devlys 020 Hindi Font

29) RaviVarma Hindi Font

 28) Devlys 100 Hindi Font

 27) Ajay Hindi Font

 26) Shusha Hindi Font

 25) Devlys 210 Hindi Font

24) Krutidev 714 Hindi Font

23) Devlys 200 Hindi Font

22) Vimal Hindi Font

21) Chandrodaya Hindi Font

20) Devlys 290 Hindi Font

19) Bihani Hindi Font

18) AayamicGothic Hindi Font

17) Shivaji 01 Hindi Font

16) BharatVani Hindi Font

15) Devlys 290 Hindi Font

14) A Bold Hindi Font

13) Devlys 050 Hindi Font

12) Aalekh Hindi Font

11) Devlys 070 Hindi Font

10) Akkal Hindi Font

09) Agra Hindi Font

08) Apex Hindi Font

07) Baishali Hindi Font

06) Aarti Hindi Font

05) Chandra Hindi Font

04) Annapurna Hindi Font

03) Devlys 180 Hindi Font

 02) CV Ganesh Hindi Font

 01) Krishna Hindi Font

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Ganesh Dore
17 June 2014 at 12:59 ×

any of these fonts Unicode compliant ???

11 November 2014 at 22:40 ×

To download Hindi Unicode fonts Click here


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