Color Font extension: New age in font history. Download free color fonts for windows.

As revealed at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference in June 2013, the Windows 8.1 Preview comes with a revolutionary extension to the OpenType font standard, which introduces multi-color fonts. The technology which is both simple and powerful uses multilayer glyphs which are in essence scalable outlines that are rendered and processed like any other character, except each layer has its own color.
The beauty of the color extension, is that the fonts will continue to work like any other font on
devices and systems that don’t support the extension yet.
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Till now not so much color fonts are created. But still we can get and use these in window 8.1 systems. If you have windows 8.1 then you can use these font fully but earlier operating system can use these fonts only in single color because these older system do not support multicolor fonts.
You can get free color fonts here>>
Now some applications are available for android mobile phones that creates multicolor messege as picture and send as a picture messege (MMS) to recipients.
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